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Global Business Services

encouraging economic development

IVC supports economic development efforts by arranging professional counterpart meetings between visitors and local business, which gives our Consular Corps members a "handshake advantage" in international business by providing a contact in emerging markets.

IVC provides a number of opportunities throughout the year for you to gain a "handshake advantage" by meeting visiting international professionals from around the world.  This is a fantastic and inexpensive way for you to make a contact in another country and learn about a culture in which you wish to do business.   Click here to join IVC's Consular Corps and begin meeting new clients today.

IVC's experienced Global Business Representatives can coordinate your client's visit to Columbus, including professional meetings, logistics and cultural activities.  Call 614.225.9057 for a customized quote.

IVC holds periodic forums on current events to keep the community abreast of global activities impacting the community. 

Visit here to see information on upcoming Forums.

Periodically, IVC organizes Trade Development Missions to help local companies access emerging markets.  Call 614.225.9057 for more details.

IVC's next mission will be to Ukraine, May 22-31, 2004.  Click here for more information.

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